Dennis Graham

Dennis Graham

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Dennis Graham

When I was a teenager our family moved from Northern Ontario to the small town of Pinawa.  Growing up in a small town most of my time was spent in the outdoors, playing hockey, baseball, fishing and hunting.  I met my wife Lori when I was in grade seven and we started going out in grade nine.   We eventually got married and spent a brief period living in Winnipeg, but soon realized city living was not for us.   We returned to Pinawa where we ended up raising our two sons, Kreg and Curtis, and continue to enjoy the simple ways of small town living.  Kreg, our oldest son, now resides in Victoria, B.C with his wife Marjorie and our precious granddaughters Charlotte and Madelyn.  Curtis, his wife Samantha and our precious grandsons William and Arthur, also reside in Pinawa.

My interest towards woodworking came later in my adult life.  Over the years this interest became a passion, particularly in designing and crafting one-of-a-kind furniture items.  I find working with wood brings a satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that nothing else quite matches.  From forming an idea, working out the details, finding and selecting the right pieces of wood, putting it all together and finally applying the finish to bring out the natural beauty of a finely crafted piece.  It just never gets old.

After retiring in 2011, it only seemed natural woodworking would become the primary filler of my newly found leisure time.  Although, there wasn’t going to be much leisure because the first thing I needed to do was build a new shop.  The old garage was just not going to cut it anymore.  Construction was soon underway and with much appreciated help from family and friends, “dj Graham Woodworks” was up and running in the fall of 2013.

My approach to furniture-making is to make pieces that are finely crafted. Finely crafted furniture will last a lifetime, showcase the beauty of wood, be artfully designed and yet functional. Owning a finely crafted piece of furniture provides a sense of pride to its owner and becomes a touchstone in its owner’s life.   As a self-taught woodworker I have learned it does not pay to cut corners.  Fine woodworking demands well executed joinery, attention to details and, most importantly, pride in workmanship.  I strive to create pieces of the highest precision and quality for both my customer’s satisfaction as well my own sense of accomplishment.  Careful consideration is given to the material selection and design to ensure the finished product will be cherished by you and generations to come.

My aspiration is to find innovative ways to approach classic pieces and give them a modern life without losing sight of functionality and purpose.  Most of the pieces I have completed are considered contemporary works.  Although, I also have a fondness for Asian inspired designs, arts and crafts, art deco work and most recently live edge works.  That being said, I would be happy to facilitate any sort of custom woodworking project.

In my work I employ many woodworking techniques including exposed solid wood joinery, bent and laminated work, marquetry, as well as veneering both flat and curved surfaces. More recently I have included pyrography in many of my pieces.  Over the years I have created everything from entertainment centers, to jewelry and keepsake boxes, dining and hall tables, coffee tables, chairs, desks, blanket chests, dressers, beds, night stands, music stands, vanities, custom trim, shelving, and kitchen cabinets.

I like using recycled lumber or locally harvested timber from the urban forest whenever possible.  Most of this I mill myself on a band saw mill I built a few years back.  With a mill of my own I am able to cut the logs I obtain to meet the specific needs of the furniture I plan to build.  I am also able to provide a milling service for other woodworkers who have come by some locally acquired timber.

So, if you are looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind item in your favorite type of wood, which is designed specifically for your home, cottage or office, please give me a call or better yet, drop by the shop where I will be more than happy to discuss the project you have in mind.  Looking for meaningful gift ideas or something special for yourself?  Please feel welcome to come out to my showroom where a variety of unique completed works are always on hand and available for purchase.